Countdown to eDARE 2021 – by Jooseop Keum, General Secretary CWM

We are just less than 2 weeks away from eDARE 2021 where we ‘chant down Babylon’. If you haven’t booked your slot for this event, you can still do so at In the meantime, we invite you to pause and have a listen to CWM’s General Secretary Jooseop Keum as he shares more about Rise to Life – Doing Theology in Public Spaces!  

eDARE: Rising up and talking back at abusive and colonial powers

Public spaces are opportunities for rising up and talking back at abusive and colonial powers. Such opportunities are available across the Caribbean, Oceania, Africa, Asia, Americas, and Europe. Watch and pause the video clip to read the abstracts -- which represent the collective of papers at eDARE 2021. Come explore ways to do theology in public spaces. Register and dare to hear this 25, 27 & 29 October.