Member Church Feature: Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK)

The name of our Church is the Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK). We are the oldest denomination in the history of Korean Christianity, observing the doctrine of the Presbyterian Church, the Apostle’s Creed, 12 Articles of Korean Presbyterian Confession of Faith and the Westminster Catechism and Confession of Faith. Our Church operates seven theological seminaries throughout the country (the most [...]

Asia-Pacific Workshop On Re-Imagining Worship As Acts Of Defiance and Alternatives In The Context Of Empire

For six days in early August, scholars, pastors and students from 15 countries in Asia and the Pacific got together  in Manila, Philippines to do something new: to think about the church from the perspective of the poor using liturgical tools as forms of mission and defiance. The backdrop of their work was the heavy present of the Empire breathing [...]

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